Once the recording process of any and all instruments including vocal tracking has been completed, each will be combined and adjusted to perfection to assure that everything has its quintessential place within the mix. Part of the mixing also includes any additional Post FX to tracks, i.e. from compressions to delays and more. Once we capture the essence of the tracks, our expert engineers will then add the final touches on creating a final masters that will not only make your music sound loud, clear and professional, but will also hold its weight on any sound system within any environment. Crossfire empowers your creative works.
Our Engineers will spend both time and skill guiding you through the entire recording process of any and all instruments including vocal tracking. Stems (individual, isolated and unmastered tracks) will be available to the artist to do with what they wish. The Engineers of Crossfire Studios do however offer high quality mixing and mastering services, which can be referred to in the Mixing and Mastering section.
Our rehearsal room is engineered for the optimal reduction of reverberation, giving bands the ultimate space to dial in their sound. This room also comes equipped with a Peavey PA system including 8 input XLR/1/4 inch channels and two overhanging speakers. The space itself has soundproof panels around every wall, corner, ceiling as well as high pile carpet across the entirety of the floor to absorb any unwanted residual auditory noise. Drummers will have access to drum shells but will be required to bring their own consumables. The rehearsal space will also be available for rental to DJs looking to stream or record sets for virtual live concerts. During the duration of the rental, snacks and water will be available for purchase as well as access to a bathroom.

*bands/djs must bring in their own equipment and cords due to COVID-19 regulations* - Drum shell sizes: Rack Tom - 13" | Floor tom - 18" | Bass Drum - 22" | Snare - 14'

CROSSFIRE STUDIOS® is founded by Connor Bamforth (DEX ARSON) and Chris Austin Ross (CAR)


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